Laws of war violation not in the name of Tamazgha Republic

Laws of war violation not in the name of Tamazgha Republic.

Associate Press in Sana’a Monday 11 May 2015 the guardian News report  Yemeni rebels say they shot down Moroccan jet. Shia fighters claim to have brought down F-16 plane taking part in Saudi-led coalition. Morocco has six F-16 jets stationed in the United Arab Emirates and taking part in the Saudi-led coalition, which includes a group of other Sunni countries. Iran is said to be backing the Houthis militarily, something the Islamic Republic and the rebels deny. Yemenis are suffering from acute shortages of food, fuel and medicine as a result of the bombing campaign, as well as a naval, air and land blockade by the coalition. Yemen was expected to be discussed at a Camp David summit later this week between the United States and leaders of six Gulf, US-allied Arab nations… Morocco’s military criminal state with Arab nations? and Islamic state?  continue with a political of arabisation and islamisation in arab world? and in there deference ideological and some of him named moderate? There are the enemy number one of the entire humanity. The arab world map is not arab. “The Syndicate” organized crime, organizations on a large scale national & international. Mafiopoli: mafia states around the world, is still dominate by bureaucracy government officials, the administrative policy making group, with the middle class lobby politicians and businessperson everywhere in the globe.

This violation of the laws of war, not in the name of African’s Imazighen, the Republic of Tamazgha Press.

Universal Republic where all People Live Free with Dignity and Equality.

Press, Newspaper, Radio, Picture, Video, Window World Wide Web Press.

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