The battle of Annual The Guerrilla against Army

In the official states history, they have not talk about. July 22, 1921, in North Africa, the Riffians people Imazighen of Rif Region, have take the decision to Liberate here home Land from the complot colonial historical and actual. Historical because here home Land Tamazgha North Africa, it’s colonized first of all culturally by arabization and islamization, of the indeginous people of North Africa Berbers, that has happened also the same to the indigenous people in the Middle East. In the second is the colonialism map world wide by the industrial country in this time of the history.

Well in July 22, 1921, in Rif Land North Africa, have became the first battle of liberation against the new colonialism of this time of the history, world wide. It is The Battle of Annual in Rif War, and the decisive Guerrilla Riffians Victory against Spanish Army.

After became in World Map Born the first independent Republic of Africa where all people live Free with Dignity and Equality, is Republic of the Rif.  RIPUBLIK N ARIF

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