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Solidarity with Somaport terminal workers


The union of “Workers Union Network Transport Press Revolution” online to post this letter or to mail this letter, “(country) World Free Without Borders No States”, No affiliated to the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is watching with great concern the continuous trade union violations at your company toward trade union work and union members.

We strongly condemn the continued attacks on the trade union work, where the CMA-CGM local management is trying to impose incapacitating ways of organizing work, which do not comply with the terms of the collective agreement and professional norms. Intimidating union members by suspending a worker and dismissing another worker is considered a breach to Moroccan Labor law and a violation of the legitimate rights of workers.

Morocco monarchy state mafia and the law in mafiopoli states don’t respect right of workers.

Mafiopoli: the mafia states around the world, is still dominate by bureaucracy government officials, the administrative policy making group, with the middle class lobby politicians and businessperson everywhere in the globe.

These are critical times but you are not alone.

Your struggle is ours and we are standing with you united as part of a worldwide dockers’ family to defend your rights. Please be assured that we are watching the situation closely, and will be doing all we can to help resolve this situation and see justice prevail.

Yours sincerely,

“(Union president) Global Workers Union Network Transport Press Revolution Organization by One person for the moment this man is me”.
“(Union name) Global Workers Union Network Transport Press Revolution Organization”.

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