Learning Wild World

In an uncountable diversity of the World Wild Life, we need to learn about who to live together to preserve the little of what remain in this Earth.

On this Globe Wild World Animals for example all of them are free in there natural habitat and no one tell to the others about a kingdom, the Lion isn’t the king for any other animals, that only in the humans being world where exist the inequality between each other, one between all of this world society much power full in the criminal world named UK or United Kingdom and they also manipulate the information to continue profited in the favour of little lobby in the society.

No Zoo, No Monarchy, No State, No Borders, No Money, No Bank, No Religion, No lobby, No mafia, No the Syndicate.

And in the website of Bird Life International talk about some ridiculous African propaganda, in an article with a title: African leaders step up fight against Illegal Wildlife Trade and Poaching. April 2016, Cairo, Egypt, Africa, they have take the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment.  How can mafia the Syndicate of African leaders protect animals if they don’t respect human right?

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