The Horse in the intellectual Art

This research start first with an article in a copy weekly of the free Newspaper Kent on Sunday, East edition No 731 on Sunday 25 September 2016.

The Home page and the last page of the newspaper dedicate to Marlowe Theatre celebrating the first five yeas. One of the pictures of the last Page of this edition where appear the photo of publicity of War Horse Scene in The Theatre.

Returning to the Article In this Edition of Newspaper War Horse author’s reading fear. from where start the research, the Book in the start of the History is War Horse author  Michael Morpurgo and former Kent school teacher, this article it’s interesting where the teacher criticise the National system of Education.

But Now we talk about the history of the Book War Horse, Where Many Publicity every where in the City of Canterbury about the War Horse in the Marlowe Theatre.

I have the occasion in this event of Marlowe 5 Weekend to Celebrating the 5th anniversary in Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October 2016, first the pleasure Live performances from musicians and poets will take place throughout the day, the Warrior Poets is an installation with entry to the Marlow Studio permitted at 25 min intervals.

Second The Tour of the Theatre The Foyer, where is start at 11:00 am with staff workers of the Theatre in the many different section of the Theatre is fantastic, with the ultimate technology in the Art of The Theatre, many speciality and workers in the Theatre where the spectator who go an see an spectacle and come back at Home ignore about it.

About the War Horse in the Art here many diversity of Art where War Horse in:

The Theatre War Horse on Stage Official London Site.

The Cinema War Horse Film.

About the War Horse in the Press:

Free Newspaper Kent on Sunday East edition No 731 on Sunday 25 September 2016.

The Daily Telegraph in 2007 about the genesis of the Book.

The Observer in 2010 about the genesis of the Book.

Finlay the Book War Horse (novel).



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