Warrior in every corner and time

To survive Free with Dignity and Equality in this Earth, is the challenge of too much people in all the world. Time of Revolution in every corner of the globe. I, Daniel Black. The last film of Ken Loach in this year 2016. Sharing the beauty of Warrior Poets. Something exciting to share. Wise Words Festival. Warrior Poets. The Marlowe Theatre, Lemn Sissay, and this video film to share it with all. Warrior Poets was funded by: Arts Council England, The Marlowe Development Trust and Canterbury City Council. Continue reading Warrior in every corner and time

Riding the Mile in the Woods

In the forest listing to the tweet of birds, in the riding way between the trees for many miles, the route along which I have ride before arriving to the Sea. In the Travel from the first African Land of Horses to an other Historical Europeans continental and Islands Lands, they share the point in commune the Horse. Reflection in all the trip. How this planet can be the best if? I don’t tell my opinion, I Leave you in my Reflection. Continue reading Riding the Mile in the Woods

Learning Wild World

In an uncountable diversity of the World Wild Life, we need to learn about who to live together to preserve the little of what remain in this Earth. On this Globe Wild World Animals for example all of them are free in there natural habitat and no one tell to the others about a kingdom, the Lion isn’t the king for any other animals, that only in the humans being world where exist the inequality between each other, one between all of this world society much power full in the criminal world named UK or United Kingdom and they also manipulate the information to continue profited … Continue reading Learning Wild World

Republic Mail Universal Language

University Press, Republic of Britain, Republic of Gibraltar, Republic of England, Republic of Cornwall, Republic of Wales, Republic of Scotland, Republic of North Ireland, Republic of Ireland. Revolution and Work to an Universal Republic where all people Free with Dignity and Equality. The Universal Language. a question is Indipendent the Historical AfricanS Culture? #CapeVerde #Casamance #Gambia #Senegal #Mauritania Africa http://t.co/toWwb2LHt5 — AfricaWithoutBorders (@AfricaWB) February 17, 2014 The Universal and University of Kent, Journalism, Centre for English and World Languages. When we have an University for an Universal Language in the Universal Republic.     Continue reading Republic Mail Universal Language

World mafia states leaders at Paris COP21

2015, November 30 to December 11 – PARIS ‏ The world mafia UN United Nation and world head of states leaders mafia lobby present here in France Europe. United nations conference on climate change COP21/CMP11.  N’importe quoi this website of the lobby information. United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 or CMP 11 is being held in Le Bourget, France, near Paris, from November 30 to December 11. It is the 21st yearly session of the Conference of the Parties to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) … Continue reading World mafia states leaders at Paris COP21

La vengeance des etats mafieux a la francaise

L’etat de la France et les etats ex colonial français politique en comun de vengeance contre les rebelles et leurs fils et familiaux. Les sans abris. Allo 115? Oui Allo ici le 115 la mafia de la vengeance de l’Etat Francais. Le dimanche 8 novembre 2015 un des sans abris en Afrique ça Terre natale et sans abris immigrer en Europe, parle avec trois femme sans abris Française, qu’elles sont beaucoup souffert dans leurs vie, revolution oui, revolution non, pour organize une manifestation des sans abris a Lyon on France. Elles me raconte pourquoi une idea de organize la manifestation … Continue reading La vengeance des etats mafieux a la francaise