Warrior in every corner and time

To survive Free with Dignity and Equality in this Earth, is the challenge of too much people in all the world. Time of Revolution in every corner of the globe. I, Daniel Black. The last film of Ken Loach in this year 2016. Sharing the beauty of Warrior Poets. Something exciting to share. Wise Words Festival. Warrior Poets. The Marlowe Theatre, Lemn Sissay, and this video film to share it with all. Warrior Poets was funded by: Arts Council England, The Marlowe Development Trust and Canterbury City Council. Continue reading Warrior in every corner and time

The Horse in the intellectual Art

This research start first with an article in a copy weekly of the free Newspaper Kent on Sunday, East edition No 731 on Sunday 25 September 2016. The Home page and the last page of the newspaper dedicate to Marlowe Theatre celebrating the first five yeas. One of the pictures of the last Page of this edition where appear the photo of publicity of War Horse Scene in The Theatre. Returning to the Article In this Edition of Newspaper War Horse author’s reading fear. from where start the research, the Book in the start of the History is War Horse author  Michael Morpurgo and former Kent … Continue reading The Horse in the intellectual Art

Financial crisis in the world war business times

Historically to our days continuity, for the advantage of a minority in the society, that is happened in the capitalist society  in the communist society and in the religious society. Where they are many of Free people in struggle against Freemasonry. Workers against mafia state. The Free people fight every day in there miserable life and discrimination, for there independence economically, politically and culturally, from the masonic society, or what we call in our times the lobbies or the syndicate, mafia states power, used by all different type of societies. The Freemasonry work for the dark power, for who control the finance business and who control the state. The world … Continue reading Financial crisis in the world war business times


Enquiry when start the process to find out the cause of something or to find out information about something. Inquiry when start in particular meaning of official investigation. “Enquiry and Inquiry” have a point in common Q&A. Ask Question. Take Answer to Question. Give Reply to Question. Have Respond to Question.   Questions and Answers https://t.co/85PLtG6vOt — WindowWorldWideWeb (@window_web) February 1, 2016 Continue reading Enquiry

Laws of war violation not in the name of Tamazgha Republic

Laws of war violation not in the name of Tamazgha Republic. Associate Press in Sana’a Monday 11 May 2015 the guardian News report  Yemeni rebels say they shot down Moroccan jet. Shia fighters claim to have brought down F-16 plane taking part in Saudi-led coalition. Morocco has six F-16 jets stationed in the United Arab Emirates and taking part in the Saudi-led coalition, which includes a group of other Sunni countries. Iran is said to be backing the Houthis militarily, something the Islamic Republic and the rebels deny. Yemenis are suffering from acute shortages of food, fuel and medicine as a result … Continue reading Laws of war violation not in the name of Tamazgha Republic